YouTube – 90 Million Monthly Reasons to Use it

YouTube: It’s kind of a big deal!

Let me throw some fact-oids at you.


  • YouTube is the #1 source of online entertainment


  • 3rd biggest site for global traffic just behind Google and facebook.


  • 2nd largest search engine, apart from Google, YouTube is the next place people now go to when searching for something online.


The average time spent on YouTube is 15 – 20 minutes – That’s 2.9 billion hours of video views per month!


Internet users already spend 60% of their time online watching videos, compare that with facebook that gets 20% and you can see that online video is already massive and set to get even bigger.

If you are marketing anything online then you need to be working with YouTube, it’s free easy to use and almost everyone will have a webcam on their laptops so you will have everything you need to get started.

Just as an example, I made a video and put it on YouTube a few years back about wholesale directory sites and today it has nearly 25,000 views! That’s 25,000 people that have listened to me and my message at the end of the video. It took me around 20 minutes to make and that one video alone still drives around  50 visitors each month to my site. Can you imagine what would happen if you created one new video a week? I think you get the idea.

YouTube quite simply is a must if you are marketing online, it’s fast and easy to use and whats more if YouTube likes your stuff they may invite you to their partner network where you then get paid for placing ads next to your videos, so you’re then getting it coming and going ! A real win win situation.

There are several pieces of software you can use to help you create great looking videos, Camtasia is one, a screen capture and editing suite it’s quite expensive but very powerful. Prezzi is another of my favourites it lets you create great looking video presentations really easily and quickly.

Ways to use YouTube for marketing:

Product reviews, if you are selling products then you can create a YouTube channel and review some of the more popular items you sell, make sure you mention that the viewer can purchse this item from your estore or eBay shop then direct them to a link in the description box below.

Fan community, if what you are marketing or selling has a community you can create videos aimed at community members, get involved with the other YouTube members and chat about the niche, you can add them as a friend and they will be notified each time you upload a new video.

Sale announcements, if you have a great deal coming up on a certain product like why not create a quick video letting the YouTube community know about it, you can also embed the video on the front page of your own website that will draw the attention of your site visitors too.

Vlogging Channel, you can use your YouTube channel to keep a video diary and upload your everday thought about life the universe and everything, people love to watch reality TV and these type of channels can become very popular and once you have a good size following you have a great audience to mention your products to.

So if you’re not using YouTube to help boost your marketing efforts take this article as a proverbial kick up the you know what!

Give it a try and see the results for yourself.


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