The First Wholesale Help Meetup of 2015


Cambridge Meetup









By popular demand and with some help from Cambridge Fire Station the first Wholesale Help offline meetup was held this week and it was a great evening!

If you’ve been following my posts and videos over the years you will know that I’m keen on collaboration, I believe that we can achieve so much more together than individually, even if that is simply from inspiration, and encouragement If you’re working on your own from behind a computer it’s easy to get quite isolated from the world and so coming together can really help in many ways.

The Wholesale Help community is truly international spanning most countries in the world nearly 10,000 strong on YouTube and getting on for 1000 members in the private facebook group, so organizing a location to meet up was always going to be a challenge, when I first mentioned the idea last year I asked for the location of our UK members and I got replies from the very top of Scotland all the way through to the very bottom of England, so I guess it will have to be a travelling group!

After looking at the options I decided upon Cambridge as it was within an hour of quite a few people, then long term member Ian messaged me to say that he could arrange for us to hold the meetup in the newly re-opened fire station which I thought sounded like great fun.

The only snag was that there was only enough space for 12 people, so I didn’t send out an email or mention it on a video, we just arranged it on the facebook group and it worked out great.

I spoke about Amazon FBA and how it can be scaled into a massive international retail business without taking on any staff or warehouses, it enables me to travel all over the world 4 – 5 times per year and live my life on my terms. The interaction was great and we got into some great discussions and WH member Larry was very helpful in giving his thoughts as he is an active FBA seller.

All in all it was a great first meetup and the reaction seemed positive and I think everyone learned something including myself, I will certainly be arranging more in the near future so if you are in the UK and would like to come along to a meetup be sure to keep an eye on the facebook group here or the YouTube channel here.

If you would like to know more about Amazon FBA I am holding a one day training course where I will take you through everything you need to build your business plus ongoing support in live webinars to ensure you stay on track.  Take a look here:


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