Terapeak and Alibaba Have Joined Forces!

Big news this week as online eBay and Amazon research big hitter Terapeak have joined forces with Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba to integrate inventory sourcing within the testing and tracking platform of Terapeak.


To mark this momentous occasion I jumped up and down on the Terapeak big wigs and a free membership fell out! So I will be holding a competition this week where you can win a full years professional membership to Terapeak so stay tuned to the Wholesale Help YouTube Channel for more info on how you can enter.

This collaboration in my opinion is really good news for us eBay sellers, it cuts down the time needed for niche research dramatically and enables you to get straight to the data you need to make the correct buying decision.

If you haven’t heard of Terapeak and you sell on eBay then you need to know about it, it’s a powerful research and analysis tool that harnesses the live data from eBay and tells you what the hottest selling products are, how often they are selling, what day of the week they are selling what time of the day, who your competitors are and what they are selling the most of. In short its gives you all the data you need to choose profitable products to sell on eBay and Amazon, plus helping you find new opportunities and enhance your current sales.

You can also connect your eBay accounts and keep track of your own sales performance and listing strategies.I have had a Terapeak membership for over two years now and I use it often to check up on new niche opportunities and tweak my current listings that need a boost.

Enter Alibaba!

This latest update for Terapeak sees a strategic collaboration with Alibaba, the go – to place for sourcing products to sell from China, so now as you are researching products you can click straight through to the exact product on Alibaba and check out the unit prices and get in touch with a supplier. I’ve have been playing with this feature over the last few days and it works perfectly, no miss communications, no dead links it all works as it should which is pretty impressive.

My only gripe is that currently there is no support for UK Amazon sellers within Terapeak it’s only for Amazon US right now which renders this feature useless for us Brits, but I understand this is being worked on as we speak and hopefully we will be able to make use of it soon.

So if you want to check out Terapeak right now you can grab a Free 7 day trial by clicking the banner below so you can see for yourself just how powerful this tool really is.

Terapeak Banner3






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  1. Stephen
    1 year ago

    Thanks for the heads up Andrew. I will keep an eye on your YouTube channel for the competition.


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