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As you guys well know by now, through this channel, I’ve been able to help tons of people set themselves and their businesses up for success through my experience in several different online marketing platforms. You know by now that I’m passionate about helping others to achieve success online because of how liberating it is. Earning a living by selling online cuts you away from the mundane parts of work – the daily commute, the office politics, and so on and so forth. Working for someone else pays you for your time, because you have to be there, but online business is much different. There’s no correlation between how much you work and how much money you make. With your business always working for you, there’s no ceiling to where you can go with an online marketing job. By freeing yourself from your job, you’re free to be the person you want.

I’ve been helping people make money online for several years, but some people are struggling to put all the pieces together. I asked you here at Wholesale Help if it’d help if I created a step-by-step instructional DVD to put all the pieces together for your chronologically through to a fully functional, refined online business, and I received a resounding, “Yes”.

I want to put everyone in the same boat, so I didn’t use an established eBay account to make this DVD. I started with a fresh eBay account, and filmed the steps that I took, the steps anybody can take. By using the right tools in the right way, you can build the same success for yourself that I built in the DVD. Using these tips and tricks helps you to build your business based on fact instead of guesswork, providing you with a more stable foundation as you build ever upward.

No matter how much money you want to make with your online business, my eBay tutorial series can help you achieve it. It’s a compilation of twenty-two videos, totaling over three hours worth of training that I’ve made into a physical DVD for use on anything with a DVD drive.

I called this DVD Instant Profit Auctions simply because my items were selling almost immediately as I was working through setting up this account. I took an empty account and built it into a top-rated seller account in my fastest time ever, and on this DVD, you’ll get to come along through each step of the process so you can see what I did, and then apply it to your own business.

I’ve always been passionate about helping others, so I’ve made the decision to donate 20% of the profits from the sales of Instant Profit Auctions to Cancer Research UK, because I’d like to try to help out with something that devastates so many people every year. I want to help as many people as possible, so by changing your life through your business with the help of this DVD, we’ll both be helping to change someone else’s life as well.

A lot of people have spoken to about the value of this DVD, regarding how much you’ll learn and how much you’ll earn, the price should be in the hundreds. However, I really do want to help as many people as I can, so I’ve priced it low enough that everybody could afford it. The price of this DVD is just £27.95, plus £1.99 for shipping. It’s about $48 in USD, and I’ll ship it to your door. In the UK, that’s the cost of going to the movies for the night with your special someone. Besides, if you follow the steps and advice on this DVD, you’ll make that back in your first few sales.

Check out the introductory video below. In the comments box, I’ve listed the site featuring the official advertising video for the DVD, and I’ll also paste it in here below the YouTube video, so be sure to check it out for all the details about this can’t-miss DVD.


The introductory video:


The link to the promotional sales video:

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