Sale Hoo vs E-Commerce Website

Today, we’ve got a quick question from Wholesale Help member Nick. He wrote in to ask which is better to use, a Sale Hoo store or your own e-commerce store.

First of, we need an explanation of what these things are.

An e-commerce store is a website where you sell your own products, which is used outside of eBay or Amazon. I think it’s a good idea to use one because it gives you another channel for selling goods, and the cost is a lot lower because you don’t have eBay’s seller fees. After you’ve got an eBay or Amazon store set up, it’s a good idea to branch off and start your own e-commerce site. A good way to do this would be to create a reputation on eBay before opening your own e-commerce store, and when someone buys from you on eBay, you could offer them a voucher for 10% off your own store. On the other hand, Sale Hoo offers a very good web-store subscription, in which you sign up and create your own store using their template system. You can build a nice store easily through them.

A lot of people want to save money and start their own e-commerce site, and I personally think this is a big mistake. I’ve seen people’s efforts in starting their own site, and it’s not the best. The stores typically look dated and basic. The tough thing is, the person who made the site probably spent hours on this wasted effort, and more labor hours are coming their way when they realize they’ve got to manage their store and stock all by themselves.

You don’t have to do this by yourself. Unless you’re someone who is extremely well versed in code, it’s not worth the strenuous effort to make your store by yourself.

Of course, you could pay a professional coder to build your store for you. Web designers and developers are prevalent online, and their work will look very nice and professional, but these people do not come cheap! For professional work, you could be looking at prices in the thousands. You could get someone to do it for less, but remember that you usually get what you pay for with these types of things. Higher price means higher quality. It’s worth it to spend the money if your profits are tremendous and your business is well known, but if you’re just starting, I’d advise against going down this costly path.

Before you’re well established as an e-commerce business, it’s probably for the best that you go through a site like Sale Hoo to design your store. It’ll be a quick process to build it, and your store will look good once you’re finished setting it up. This saves you time, money, and heartache. Down the road, maybe you could revisit the idea of branching off on your own, but at first, before you’re making a lot of money and taking the world by storm with your sales, its definitely a better idea to work through Sale Hoo.

Check out the video below for some more information about these options!

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