NEC 2014 Spring Fair – Wholesale Trade Show

At the NEC 2014 Spring Fair, I got a chance to speak with Louis Wade, one of the members over at the Wholesale Help group on Facebook. We thought we’d meet up and have a chat about what he’s doing at the fair.

Louis was at the fair to meet a few suppliers and look around to find out what’s up and coming in terms of new products. Admittedly, he was taking a peak at what people are gearing up to sell for the 2014 Christmas season so he could look for them in advance while he’s over in China. One good thing about the fair is that it had the potential to put wholesalers in contact with new suppliers for the things they’d like to sell, and the entire ordeal was great for networking, both with suppliers as well as other wholesalers.

If someone is going for the first time and dealing with a big supplier and is planning to start selling wholesale for the first time, Louis has ways for them in terms of being taken seriously. He suggests that you learn the lingo of the business, and to approach those people professionally. Be genuine about your intentions, and the companies will start to open up to you. Business cards for networking purposes could definitely be of use. They might not all remember you, but if you take their card and follow up with them later, they’ll take you seriously. Be professional and articulate, and it should help you out in the long run.

After you’ve built a relationship with these companies and are on good terms with them, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they dropship. Some shy away from it due to some negative connotations, but after you’ve built a connection with them, the worst they could do is turn you down. Some companies do dropship, but they just don’t advertise it. They want to sell wholesale, but they might be willing to work with you.

Be sure to check out the interview below for all of Louis’ great tips!

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