How to Move Slow-Selling Items

If you have some eBay listings that haven’t been selling well, I’ve got a few things to tell you about how you can primp them and get them back on track. We’ve been talking about this over on the Wholesale Help Facebook group – the longer it goes without selling, the lower it’ll go down in the “best matched” search. However, hope is not lost for your items – there are things you can do to get them selling.
When you first list an item, eBay will boost it to give it a fighting chance, putting it higher up in the “best matched” search results. That’s exactly why the opposite happens if the item doesn’t sell. It’s worth ending an item that isn’t selling and starting over with it, since you’ll get the same boost from eBay once again.
When you take the item down, look at the keywords in your title, since it’s important to get the best ones for the best results. Good keywords yield good results. After it’s down, click the “sell a similar item” option to get all your information for that item into a new listing, but look at the title and make sure your keywords are helping you instead of hurting you. Put the important parts of the listing first in the title – don’t list a shirt from Ralph Lauren as “Size S, Used Red Polo Shirt by Ralph Lauren”; list it as “Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt – Gently Used, Red, Size S”.
Make sure to put all aspects of the item in the title. For example, if you’re selling a double-cuff shirt, make sure that information is in the title. List it as mentioned above, subbing out “polo” for “double-cuff”. Someone will search for “double-cuff shirt”, and your listing will pop up for them, while it wouldn’t had you omitted the style from the title of your listing. Repeat your keywords early on in the details of the listing. I put the title right at the top of my listing in bold, and then reflect on it below.
If you do have to charge for shipping, one good trick is to add a few dollars onto the listing price, and advertise that it’s free shipping. EBay and its customers love to see “free shipping” in a listing. People like the idea of receiving free shipping, and you’re still getting the same amount of money for it.
Another idea is to play around with the duration of the listing. If you have an eBay store, list items as “good until cancelled”. Doing that refreshes the listing every thirty days until you’re sold out of the item, which is absolutely great. If something isn’t selling too fast, why not stick them on a seven-day or ten-day auction, timed so they finish on a weekday evening or a Sunday afternoon? Trying something different might help move those items; don’t just leave it sitting there, doing nothing.
Try out these tricks this week with your slow-moving items, and check out the video below for elaboration on all these wonderful tips.

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