Is Tradekey Safe?

This is a question I have been asked allot recently, and it’s a difficult one to answer, because Tradekey is simply the gateway to hundreds of suppliers from all around the world. Tradekey it’s self is safe in my opinion its a very reputable business that is well established with good intentions. Obviously this does not mean that you time on the site will be a totally safe one.

Despite the features in place to help the buyer asses each¬†wholesale supplier there will always be potential scam artists and fake sellers on the site. It’s your own responsibility to choose carefully and to do your research.


The one thing it is difficult to asses when using Tradekey is the quality of the wholesale products the pictures tend to be small and of poor quality. So you have to go by what the seller tells you.

If you have found a supplier you are interested and all indications show they are reliable and trustworthy I would recommend making a sample order first off to gauge the speed of delivery, order process and quality of the products you wish to buy. If all goes smoothly and you are happy with your sample stock you can then make a bigger order.

Tradekey will always be a helpful resource but always make your checks and be cautious when handing over your hard earned money for the first time.

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