Training Day Terms and Conditions


By placing an order to attend our training day event “Import 2 Amazon” in accordance to this website, you here by agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:


Payment Terms:

All attendees must have made payment in full 48hrs prior to attending one of our “Import 2 Amazon” training day events.
If we have not received payment in FULL prior to this time scale then we the hosts reserve the right to refuse entry to the training day and you the attendee also waiver any refund rights to your deposit or part payments made to us.

All bookings cannot be cancelled once made whether payment has been made direct or in direct to either the training day hosts, or the ticket organizer Eventbrite and or via PayPal.

If a PayPal fund’s hold or refund has been actioned out side of our terms and conditions set with in this web site then we will pursue legal means via a third party recovery agent.

The seminar hosts will however allow ownership of a FULLY PAID ticket to be transferred to another individual but ONLY on the conditions that the original owner of the ticket must notify either host in writing 48hrs prior to the day of the event with the name, address and contact details of the new transfer attendee.  Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any new transferable ticket holder for any reason.

In extreme cases and given enough time we may offer your ticket for re-sale and if successful you will receive a 75% refund. 25% being held to reflect additional costs incurred and time spent organizing a replacement attendee.

The attendee agrees that there are strictly no refunds on any fees of any kind thereafter the event due to the nature of the content provided on the day.

The attendee agrees the “after-care support” package or “bonus section”  value is NOT dis-countable from any previous fee(s) paid should the attendee not wish to have or use these given services.

Other Terms:

Each attendee agrees to sign a NDA (Non Discourse Agreement) on the day of the event due to the nature of the content that will be provided. A none signature will result in you being asked to leave the course with no refund given.

Each attendee agrees to have their photograph taken and be included in video footage of the training day which may be used in future marketing material by the seminar hosts. You may be excluded from such material by contacting us in writing 48Hrs prior to the event taking place.

We reserve the right at any time  to cancel the training day / change the date of the training day  in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In such an event we will provide a new training day date with sufficient notice. If any booked attendees can not make this new date then we will issue you back a balance payment but “hold” a £250 deposit payment for the placement onto a future training day course.