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Today, we have a question from Tracey on Facebook. She asked:

“Hi. I have just set up a web page selling lingerie and finding it very hard to find a supplier in England. I was wondering if you know of any, as when I buy from abroad, it’s costing me more money in shipping fees. Thanks for any advice.”

Yes, you could probably find a supplier in England, but they will probably not be a manufacturer (we don’t manufacture that much in England anymore). They’ll basically be doing what you’re doing – buying from abroad, increasing the price so they make a profit, and selling it to you. You’ll probably end up losing money in the end.

My advice is to buy in bigger quantities when you buy from abroad, so the per-item cost will be lower. Also, I’d advise you to set up a store on eBay or Amazon, too, so it enables you to build a bigger buying budget, as well as identify the items that sell the best to be able to buy a good amount of the right things. Websites take a while to build up rapport, but eBay and Amazon can help bring in some buyers for you.

Check out the specifics in the video below!

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