How to Use eBay Templates

eBay listing templates are a good way to display your items in a clear and clean way so the potential buyer can see the information they want and make decision. Some eBay sellers make the mistake of cluttering their listings with cross promotion items and too many graphics which will confuse the eBay search engine and could be detrimental to your search rankings plus it looks really bad too!

Keep your eBay listings simple, easy to read and this will pay off in more sales conversions and a better buying experience for your eBay customers.

In this YouTube video not only will I be showing you step by step how to use eBay templates but i will be giving you my eBay templates for free!

I had my graphic designer put together this pack of templates especially for this series and so you can follow along with this video and build clear and professional looking eBay auctions that will maximize your sales.

You can make the video bigger by clicking on the bottom right of the screen.

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  1. Jenny Williams
    1 year ago

    Hi There,

    I wish to thank you for your video on Ebay Listing Template. It will be of great help.


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