How To Spot Fake Goods

There was a question on the Forum that I think requires a little more detailed explanation so I have decided to create a blog post to answer it.  Jeff asks:

“I want to buy stock for my new business online but I’m concerned that if I buy the stock that is the very cheapest that it might be fake or even not exist.  Can anyone give me some tips to spot fake goods and avoid being scammed?”


Good question Jeff,

If you are looking to import stock it is very important to be confident that the supplier you have found is trustworthy.

Firstly as you say that the supplier may not be real and your hard earned capital disappears into the either, or your order of designer polo shirts arrives with Chinese writing on the label and you get that sinking feeling that you’ve just bought a load of cheap fakes!

So basically its a mine field out there in the import market and it’s your responsibility to check as many things as you can.

The first check should be the price, educate yourself on the market and get to know what is the general prices for the stock you are looking at, does it seem about the right price? Is it amazingly cheap? If it is a real steal then you need to ask yourself why.

second is to look at the source of the stock, is the wholesalers website professional looking? Is the English reasonably correct. If the answer to those two questions is no then once again you need to ask yourself why? If a wholesaler has been trading for a while they should have a decent website to look at the stock and find out more information. If they cant afford to build or have built a professional looking website for their business then they can’t be a very successful supplier.

Next try to check some references or past customers feedback, if the supplier is a good one they may have several customer testimonials listed on their site. Obviously this can’t be trusted on its own but its a good indicator.

Now get onto Google and do some quick research, take the suppliers business name and type it into Google along with “scam” or “fake” and see if it comes up with any results, again this cannot always conclusive as a customer might get unfairly annoyed with the seller and decide to posts nasty comments all over the net. But if you get quite a few results from different people then I would looking elsewhere.

So all in all it’s not easy, it takes hard work and a little luck which is not a great way to start your new business venture. The only foolproof way is to get a personal recommendation from someone that has already used them, which is why the Wholesale Suppliers Index from is so important. Each wholesale contact is one that I have personally used and can say that are very good or excellent. This is why I have built up this Supplier Index over the last seven years because I know how hard it is to find a good one, so I like to keep hold of them when they come along!

There are suppliers listed in the index from all over the world so where ever you live you can find a reliable and profitable contact that will suit you.

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  1. Brandon Baskerville
    7 years ago

    This is very useful information. Thank you.


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