How to Ship Multiple eBay Items

Glen over on the YouTube channel had a great question for me about shipping multiple items.

“I am new to EBay and plan to sell items slow to begin with, but obviously I want to speed it up. How do I handle shipping multiple items a day? I’m not too worried about the time aspect – more the cost. Are there any tips that you have for saving time or money? Do you always use the Postal Service or sometimes FedEx? Do you have your own label printer and scale?”

There’s no specific answer to this as such, because there are many different ways to post. Some of them will be country-specific and the cost will vary. You as a seller have to determine whether time-efficiency or cost-efficiency is more important. Once you get past a certain level of selling, you might be able to earn some discounts on shipping rates from your local post office, so keep an eye out for that possibility.

Personally, for the most part, I use the integrated postal application right on eBay. If you’ve got heavier items, you’d be better off to go with a courier, but for smaller things, the application on eBay is convenient.

You tell it what kind of parcel you’re sending, and the options and pricing will vary by country. After that, it gives you a whole host of different shipping options. On thing to note is the option for the recipient to sign for their package upon delivery, because it deters those people who like to pretend they never got their item so they can ask for their money back. I’d suggest you use this option on anything over £5 in value, lest you lose out on that sale.

When I use this feature, I purchase what are called two up labels, which means that you can print two labels per sheet. They cost only pennies, and they allow you to use the eBay integrated postal application right from your home. You print the label, slap it on your packaged item, and you’re all set.

Check out the video below for a more detailed explanation of all of the logistics of this process!

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