How to Set Up an eBay Store

Today’s question is from Jack over at the Wholesale Help private Facebook group. He asks, “I’ve been selling on eBay for about eight months, and just opened a store this week. A video guide about setting up an eBay store and the basics would be really helpful.” It’s an extremely good question, since we’ve talked a lot about having an eBay store, but never quite talked at length about making one.

Before we get started, let’s talk about the good things that come from having an eBay store. If you’re selling regularly and you want to list multiple items regularly, an eBay store is a good idea. In the UK, you get up to 200 free store listings that last for thirty days that you can set to auto-renew. You still pay a nominal final value fee, but you don’t get any regular listing fees. In contrast, their visibility isn’t as high as an auction item’s, but they’re a good way to list a lot of things.

Jack has already signed up for his eBay store, so we’re going to go through a few settings that I think are worth looking at. We start at the My eBay page, down on the bottom right, where you’ll see a section entitled “Manage My Shop”. This is where you can customize your store. The navigational options are off to your left side. We won’t go through everything, since there are a number of things there to play with, but we’ll hit the critical points.

The first one is “Search Engine Keywords”. You’ll want to spend time coming up with the main keywords for your store, since these will help your products to appear in the search results. You’ll have space for primary, secondary, and category keywords. Think about brand names, descriptions, and the main things that will help your stock move. Don’t put in unrelated keywords, though, because it won’t help you at all, and you can get penalized for it. Just think critically about your main keywords. If you’re having a hard time, check out the Google Keyword Tool, where you put in your primary keyword and receive the popular sub-keywords for it. An increased chance of showing up in the search results brings about more traffic to your store, which means more potential sales, so doing this well is crucial to your eBay business.

The next thing is “Display Settings” up at the top. This is where you can upload a logo for your shop. If you don’t have one, be sure to check out – it’s a website where you hire someone for only $5 to do a variety of things, like design a logo for your shop. It takes only a few days to get it back, and you’ll have an attractive, inexpensive logo to decorate your shop.

Also important is the “Listing Frame” subsection of “Marketing Tools”. There are tons of customization settings here, so you can change a number of things about your store. You can show your logo, display specific categories, decide how your items are formatted in your store, and a number of other options. I advise you to click around and check out the different options and play around, just to see what you like the best.

This is also where you can put a link to sign up for a shop newsletter, which leads me into email marketing. Over in the toolbar, you’ll see an option for “Mailing Lists”. EBay allows you to create your own newsletter to keep in touch with your buyers, which is a huge deal. It takes moments to set up, and the right wording can earn you repeat buyers, which earns you more money. It reminds people about you and your store, and it helps them to find their way back. You could alert people to lowered prices or when you have new stock, and it keeps them going back to your store. You can use this creatively – when I was selling iPhone cases, I offered a free screen protector to anybody who signed up for my newsletter after they purchased a case. The screen protectors were cheap enough (I got them for only a few cents each), and it convinced people to sign up. Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers, and it adds zeroes to your profit at the end of the year, so figure out how it works for your own store and put it to use.

Make sure to check out the video below for all the visual guides to help you through what you’ve just read. Pardon the blurs, but I’m using my own eBay account for reference, and I don’t disclose my personal accounts due to some previous issues with eBay that cost me a lot of time and hardship. The important bits are still there, though, so make sure to go ahead and watch the guide.

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  1. Bashri
    4 years ago

    Its really helpfull and kind of you and appriciate your help and effort you are making to to guide people like us, im a new seller and just thinking to to be in the clothing business at ebay.. i hope you will be very helpful and kind to me in my journey… thanks Andy


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