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With eBay tightening up on their image guidelines to make the site look a bit more uniform and organized, a lot of people are left scrambling to figure out just how they’re going to clean up the pictures they used for their store and auction listings. But, fear not, because in today’s post, I’m going to tell you all about the tool that will make that job exponentially easier for you – Remove the Background. is a wonderful site that exists to help you clean up all the clutter and mishaps in your listing photos and makes them shine. Businesses like Eco use this site for their images – if that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is. The truth of the matter is, when it comes to buying online, people have no choice but to judge a book by its cover. They can’t hold the item in their hands until they purchase and receive it, so they rely on good quality photos of the items to help them make their decision. Needless to say (although I’ve said it time and time again), good pictures are your key to making money by selling online.

The site offers a free trial so that those who are curious can test out the amazing features. In your trial, you get three free samples of what the site can do (after that, it’s a measly $1.45 [85p] per picture, which you’ll make back several times over in sales), and you’ll get to see how easy to use the features are.

One cool thing about this site is that it lets you set a format for your photos, and it will continue to save photos for your according to those specifications. You can change the alignment, background, layout, dimensions, and file type. It’s beneficial to customize it if you’re runnin your own eCommerce site, but Remove the Background also offers preset options for those of us selling on eBay and/or Amazon. By selecting that option, the site automatically produces a clean photo in the exact size and file type that eBay and Amazon want on their listings. Another plus is that you can connect your eBay account to the site, and it will go through your listings and tell you which photos need to be fixed, which is really handy if you don’t have time to figure that out.

To test out the site for the purpose of the video (which I’ll post below), I used two sample photos. My first one, a Burberry Macintosh, was a mess. The sunlight was spotty, I got the doorframe in the shot, my mannequin didn’t look the best, and I even managed to cut off the bottom of the jacket. In my second one, a Lyel and Scott polo shirt, I got the dado rail in my dining room in the shot, the light was strange again, and I also cut off part of this article of clothing, too.

Without fail, Remove the Background was able to clean up my images and make them eBay-ready. In the first one, it removed the sunspots on the jacket, hid the doorframe, edited out my mannequin, and even filled in the bottom of the jacket. In the second one, it put my polo shirt on a clean background, and, again, filled in the part of the shirt that I didn’t get in the photo. Really, it’s incredible. You can test it out for yourself and see the true capabilities of this site, because it’s astounding how helpful this can be.

For a more detailed explanation of the site, eBay’s change in its photo policy, and visual examples of the change in photos, check out the video below! Be aware that YouTube may have garbled the quality of the photos a bit, but I promise, they look breathtaking when you do them yourself.

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