Facebook Ads Can Transform Your Online Business

If you run any type of online business be it an eBay shop, Amazon store or eCommerce website you can make a massive impact on your traffic levels and ultimately on your sales with facebook ads.

Most people online these days will have a facebook profile, a little space about you and your family, a place to share holiday photos and for many a place to keep in touch with friends and organishe social events.

Facebook is the most sticky site on the planet, this means it’s the place that people come back to over and over again, many log-in to their account every day and many log-in several times a day. The total time spent on the site is also very high, many users leave it open all day minimised on their desktop and keep checking back every now and then.

For advertisers this gives a great opportunity to connect with Facebook users they are relaxed and focused while on  this site, they pay attention which is allot more then most would do during  TV adverts or with Google ads at the side of a search page, we’re just there for long enough, we search and then we leave, we’re not paying attention to the ads, they are just background noise.

Facebook ads however are a different thing altogether, they are right there all the time that the users are logged in and so the chance of someone absorbing the ad and clicking on it are many times greater.

But wait.. There’s even more! When we set up a facebook profile, we fill in a series of forms to explain a little about ourselves, where we went to school, which area we live, what our hobbies are, what music we like, which football team we support. The more we use the site the more we let facebook know about us, we click a like button on a particular page, we join a group of frineds that like Apple products for example. Are you getting the idea now? Facebook knows a whole heap of stuff about a whole heap of people and if you we want to tell people about what we have to offer facebook knows who’s interested!

When you create a facebook ad you can define exactly which groups of people you want to see your ad. If you were selling retro games you can specify males aged between 25 -35 who like Nintendo. If you were selling iPhone chargers you could specify users aged under40 and those that own an iphone, like apple products. You can really zone right into your target audience and drop your product under their nose, this selectivity teamed up with the length of time users spend on the site means those ads are going to be some of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site on the internet, and you only pay for people that click through to your store or site.

As online advertisers we now have access to the potential traffic numbers  that were only accessible to big corporate giants that had hundreds of thousands of pounds to invest in TV advertising. Now all of us has the chance to target our chosen audience with laser guided precision and even on a budget. You can set up maximum spend limits on your account and you can start advertising for just pennies per click.

Facebook will continue to give companies and products extraordinary targeted access to its over 175 million potential customer base and growing, however the rules have changed!

Mmuch of what you may have learned about Facebook social media promotion online, has or will rapidly become obsolete.

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