eBay To Ban Wholesale & Dropshipping Lists


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eBay have just announced that from the 1st September they will be banning the sale of all Wholesale and Dropshipping lists for the auction site.

This news comes as part of a routine clean up that eBay carry out once in a while, the have not stated the reason for this ban but I would guess that this type of material gets more than its fair share of complaints to eBay and so from time to time they remove the worst offenders.
The issue with Dropshipping and Wholesale lists on eBay is that they are generally sold by people looking for some easy money and they are nothing more than a word document with some website addresses on, quite often they are out dated and some of the links don’t work or the sites no longer exist. There is usually nothing of any value in them and a simple Google seach would generate the same if not better results.

So in my opinion this is a good move by eBay, Wholesale and Dropshipping contacts are a very important part of creating a business online and you need to ask yourself if someone is selling a whole list of contacts for 99p or $2.49 what is the value of the information? The answer is zero!

I have built relationships with wholesale suppliers over years, and finding the right ones that are reliable and profitable takes allot of time and effort, screening the not so good ones, picking out the un reliable ones and looking for suppliers that have quality products means that a good one comes along once in every hundred and can be anywhere in the world.

My own suppliers that I have used to build many eBay and eCommerce businesses were found in the US, Europe, China, the UK and are  a result of years worth of work and if I offer access to them it will not be for 99p or $2.49. All things being equal they should cost thousands as they offer the opportunity to build your own lifestyle business where you can work when you want to, from any country you want to and for as long as you want to. How much is that worth? Well the truth is that you cant put a price on it so we have to be realistic and the main reason I started Wholesale Help 5 years ago was to help people like me to build their new future and get the chance to live how they want to and not how they have to.

So I don’t offer a wholesale list, I dont have 7 pages of  web pages, I have contacts from all over the world that I have worked for over 7 years to build, that I have personally tested and made money from and still do today. If you would like access to this you have to pay more than 99p or $2.49 but maybe not as much as you might think.

If you would like my personal help and my personal contacts to build your online business and create your new lifestyle then take a look at the Gold Membership here.



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