An Easy Way to Edit Photos for Your Listings

I’ve been manipulating some images to put on eBay at the moment, and I thought you might like to have a look at what I’m doing to enhance my listings. The quality of the images you use in your listing is imperative, so it’s good to make sure they look good.

A quick piece of advice from a clothing seller – invest in a mannequin. The one I have cost me no more than $40, including shipping, and it really helps to fill out the clothes I’m selling. Using the mannequin actually lets you envision a body in the article of clothing, and it appears much more professional. It looks much better than the all-too common article of clothing on a hanger on the back of a door.

I’m listing a Fred Perry jumper today. The photo I decided to use, I took while the jumper was on a mannequin, but the photo isn’t exactly straight. To fix this, I use a software from Google called Picasa, which is free to download right from Google.

Picasa is loaded with a number of handy tools that I use regularly to enhance my photos. It features a straightening function, which lays a grid over your photo and allows you to slide the photo left or right so that it’s in line with the grid. This allows you to fix any photos that might have been taken at a slant. Once you’re finished, hit “apply”, and the grid goes away, but your image stays straight.

Also featured in the toolbar, you can crop the photo to center the photo, as well as alter the contrast and color if they’re not quite right. A helpful tool is the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option, which lets the software do the photo what it feels it needs to do in order to enhance it. Once you’re finished, you can resize the photo, as well as add a watermark for your store so the image doesn’t get stolen.

Picasa is free, simple to use software that comes quite in handy when I’m editing photos for my eBay listings. Check out the video below for a more detailed look at the program!

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