DropShipping 101

OK, this is just a quick overview for the tons of people asking about DropShipping.

If you would like the full SP you can read my ebook “DropShipping Revealed” which is available for free when you subscribe to the Wholesale Help Newsletter at the top right of this website.

Some Of the questions:

What Is it? – You offer stock for sale, and someone else ships it to your customer when it sells.

Why?  – No money tied up in stock, no storage issues with large amounts of stock, no risk, no hassle, you get to test a market before investing in it.

Is it legal? – Yes!

Would You recommend it?  – Yes, in certain situations it’s a very good idea.

Any drawbacks?  –  Stock is slightly more expensive than buying in the traditional way so less profit but thats the price you pay for the convenience.

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