5 Fast Ways to Get More Traffic To Your eBay Store

I was having a chat with someone recently about promoting eBay businesses, it’s something that can make a massive difference yet many eBay sellers stop at listing their auctions and hoping for the best. So Here are my top five ways to drive more traffic to your online auctions in double quick time.

Facebook, almost everyone has an account these days even if you don’t use it much it’s something that is an excellent way to provide visibility to your business with no money invested. Build a page for your eBay store, make some posts about what you sell, add some cool pictures of your stuff, search for some groups on facebook in a similar niche and interact with them. Update your Facebook page when you have fresh stock listed in your store or if you have a sale going on. It doesn’t take much to add a little update every now and then. You will be surprised how much extra traffic you will generate.


Twitter, the quickest and easiest form of social media today, you can tweet from your mobile cell phone whole taking a bus or waiting for a train, it takes seconds and gets your message out there to the people that are interested.  You can even queue up a load of pre written tweets using desktop software that will send out your tweets at predetermined intervals.  If you only do one thing for your business, this is by far the easiest traffic generating exercise you can do.

Online Communities, If you can imagine the most obscure niche or strangest group of obsessive geeks you can think of you know there will be an active online community. They are great places as they will be regularly frequented by passionate and involved people that will be looking for niche items, if you can find the communities that are relevant to the products you sell you will be in a great position to offer them what they want with a high chance of repeat custom. Find you audience online and build a relationship with you buyers, find out what they really want and offer it to them.


Email Signature This is something everyone can do in seconds, we all send a few emails each day some of us more than others. You can create an automated signature within your chosen mail program that puts your signature at the bottom of every email. Simply add a few lines of text with your shop link and every time you email anyone you’re promoting your business. Simple and effective. People are generally curious and I know that I have clicked on many of these types of links just to see what type of site it is and how it looks, it’s very effective and takes no time at all.

YouTube, one of the biggest sites on the internet, YouTube has now become the second biggest place people search for things online. If you have an online business you are missing out on allot of free traffic if you aren’t making videos for YouTube.  It’s easy to create a profile and if you don’t want to show your face you can do a screen capture of your computer screen using software like Camtasia. YouTube has had many updates recently and it’s easier than ever to quickly upload a video to share with the world.  This is probably one of the most powerful social media platforms now and for the future that will continue to grow every day. Build this site into your traffic building plan and you will reap the rewards.


So there you have it, a few of the quickest and easiest ways to drive targeted traffic to your eBay store, if you make a start on this list today you will see more traffic by the end of the day. You may find you enjoy using  some methods more than others, or that some are more effective for you than others, that’s great find a few that work for you and keep at it. A consistent output in the right places is what will drive your traffic levels up exponentially.

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