2015 Autumn Fair – Wholesale Buying For eBay and Amazon

Last week I made the two hour trip to the 2015 Autumn Fair at the Birmingham NEC.

I was looking to make some orders to stock up my eBay and Amazon stores for the Christmas rush.

However much I prepare every year I seem to run out of stock, the tricky part is working out which of your stock lines are going to be the ones that explode over Christmas. Everything sells better over the Christmas period but each year there are always one or two that totally fly off the virtual shelves.

I have different suppliers for eBay and Amazon as both have different tactics and although I do sell some stock cross platform I generally keep the certain stock on eBay and other stock on Amazon, that’s kind of how it’s evolved through testing and sales results.

A few tips to remember when looking around trade shows is firstly to wear comfortable shoes, you’re going to cover allot of mileage over the day so you don’t want to wear down your ankles in some funky designer shoes.

Bring some water to keep hydrated, all that walking will dry you out pretty quick, and bring a good size bag ideally a rucksack or even wheeled cabin luggage is good, you will end up with allot of catalogs and price lists and so you can’t carry them around in your arms all day.

Take a look at the video below of my tour of this years Autumn Fair, and if this sparks your interest for selling online why not come along to my Amazon FBA training day taking placeĀ at the end of the month, there are still a few seat left.



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